little i

i am human.

“It’s not easy to be exposed to the simplicity of who we are and to acknowledge who we are capable of becoming.” ~p.20 in Andrea Olsen’s Body and Earth

i play on bodhi and embodiment in the vein of good ‘ol paradox that i love.

in my mind, being in the body is no sacrifice. it is with this body that i know freedom comes. how else could ideas of jivan mukti (freedom before death) be, but through this phenomenal stinking mechanism. that’s just a thought! haha

i believe this egomindbody is an expansion of the noumenon. breathing out… breathing in… the mystery that calms me.

it’s the known that rattles me: the barking car horn, or the disturbing ceaseless love of my family and friends. these nerves and water-filled tissues respond with oh so human precisions of adrenaline and ungraceful speech.

i am selfish and alone. i am loved and ever grateful. i am short-tempered and slow to catch on. i am curious, creative, and embracing of diversity. i am judgemental and sad. i am average and humble. i am agile and tired. i am thoughtful and alive. i am near painfully shy, but once comfortable, i am darn wordy.

who are you??


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