“Seize the Siesta!”

rivers and photography and meditation… oh my 

the photo in the header is one that i took at a favorite siesta spot, here aside the eno river off the pump station trail. it’s also my desk top wallpaper, and i have not tired of gazing at it after years… wierd – don’t know what the camera and/or “i” did, but this photo captures an altogether otherness equally restorative to the being there. that large rock is where i sit atop and concentrate/meditate often. it’s riddled with poison ivy in the warmer months and i sit on it anyway. 

winter sepia

summer sepia

in undergrad, photography was my 2-D concentration. upon graduation, my loverly pre-owned manual SLR nikon something-or-other (don’t remember the model) stopped working. i tossed it aside in some manner – to a thrift-store perhaps. proceeded sans camera for almost ten years! with adequate unlearning in my cells, i picked up a cheapo digital camera a few years back, and now shoot just for fun

found this posted in a preschool classroom – thanx CES of CFS!

“The siesta is an act of resistance… the free use of time is the guarantee of autonomy. This individualization of time does not constitute an act of bad citizenship, a refusal to respect the ‘rules’ promulgated by all of life and society, a contempt for others, or a falling back on one’s own creature comforts, but rather a willingness to inhabit one’s own time in order to make sure of one’s presence in the world, with and among other people… Brothers and sisters! Seize the Siesta!”  ~ Thierry Paquot, in his book The Art of the Siesta


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    […] this seed thought is recently righting itself after an odd encounter over 5 years ago. my need for ‘time-off’ was questioned, as such doesn’t exist in the contemplative life. this person was wanting me to do […]

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