orange on thursdays

another day for serial suicide. gotta get something gone. thursdays seem to be the new-blog-post day. now it is named. the paradigm will shift.

wear green on thor’s day and all ‘ll know you’re queer…

it’s gonna be too beautiful today. can it be?

i think orange. i think. monks’ robes. inmates’ uniforms. bursting sunshine. danger tape. orange will do. in hir hair. hir toes… a cozy sweater perhaps.

i think of belvin’s 3-sided pyramids with fish in the air, and a crisp round moon delicately penciled over the black gouache sky.

not all of that. some of that.

i’m helping with a little green pig production of sarah kane’s 4.48 psychosis. saw geppetta perform monday. and then there’s the knowing of some struggling. and some already gone. down the red line through the mirage of shapes in space.

orange. cubes. 4-dimensional orange portals. i’m terrified. of this dream. this dream. and i’m not dead yet.

i know that i have to need to want to blog about suicide. it is in the title of the blog site. hhhggckkhaahhaaa. and there the little i sits screaming with harpie laughter. knees together. clinch fisted. teeth tongue happy with the condensed expansion.

it is. a lot.

geppetta said something so that about creative response to suicide incorporating humour and shaking and squirming and breathing. a relief. release.

more of that. to come. with love.


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