ohhh insight dialogue

hmmm. practicing peeling away attachment to experience of non-duality. so to speak. so, to speak. what “i” said i’d “do” on 1.jan.2010. bodymind. bodymine. bodymind. bodymine. this is sticky. the clinging to the experience of nonduality.

what’s slippery is the metta of being in the whirrld with seeming others. talking. walking. beholding.

the fire comes with language. “can the constructed/conditioned touch the unconstructed/unconditioned?” NO! they aren’t separate.  …YES! they are touching/having intracourse ALLLLLLLL the time. ehem.

 time — nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once.  😉

i. yuh. i wanna study math, statistics, physics! …what with streb and edward tufte and visual hallucinations of 4 & 5 dimensional cubes coming at me in space. huhh. math is kinda ‘up’ for me. on the table, so to speak.

and i want integral experience of the you/we or all knowing other. ooooohhhhh! wants! things sought!!??

woh. this is serious. this is fun.

“it’s not that we learned how to walk; it’s that we learned how not to fall.”

“is gravity planetary romance?”

(those last two quotes were scribbled notes from projections in streb’s “brave” performance. i recommend falling a lot in love a lot.  😉  )

p.s. psychology today’s ‘how we learned to walk: the uneasy origins of rock climbing’ …as i cultivate climbing structures for the children at my school- all a twitch in this whirrld of compassion and safety and freedom and gravity and licensure regs and love…


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