equinox altar

here’s what took a couple of weeks and happened last weekend. (how’s that for time warping inner outer space…?)

equinox altar

i am the altar guild for the local anusara immersion program that runs approximately one weekend per month for six months. (the first altar was shared in this post.) the second session covered the two days around spring 2010’s equal night. can you please imagine, with twists and torques in my oil-barrel-of-a-heart and lump-of-coal-brain, what a karmic/cosmic joke this is?  😉  to establish a display of objects, to be perceived as any more sacred than you or the mouse in the kitchen, is hilarious for this ‘one’. however, installation and assemblage art is a favorite pastime of mine.

empty half/time

not-empty side/space

1,000 petals

i am having fun playing with further manifestations of duality. how can that be, heehee? the-one-to-the-two-to-the-three-to-the-ten-thousand was represented here by the invisible everything of the ether-real/ethereal one. the two came in the halves of the altar: time on the left and space on the right. then i leapt on over to one thousand petals of the lotus. (thousand petals yoga is the name of one half of the business identities putting on the immersion.) it took weeks to make one thousand petals from paper clips and beads and other phenomenonological debris.

lotus pod


10 petals +

the countless myriad, or ‘ten-thousand-things’, was displayed in the kitschy vignettes on the altar itself. thankfully, immersion participants bring flowers and else to add to the splender. like this stone! wha…

w's stone

heart from r

car parts

mental/dental floss

more petals





the veil (about 2 feet b'twn suspended tulle and brocade)

veil detail

i tend to play with some sort of veil in altars i create; good clean fun with the illusory separation between things. the idea that there are contemplative times when one is more ready to be exposed to suchness, to be revealed to onself, is both laughable and relevant. an example of such traditional practice is found in tibetan thangka’s protective gossamer silk covers and ribbons. you can see here the cover drawn up to reveal the teachings in the painting.

tibetan thangka


this session’s theme was on adhikara, or studentship. this term was also discussed as entitlement to knowledge. a cliche example: “you wouldn’t teach calculus to a kindergartner”. we also exhibited that drop-back-backbends wouldn’t be taught to a beginner asana student (though a beginner may be a gymnast or dancer, say, and actually ready for such poses). [adhikara is so much more than what i’ve written here… ]

may the veils be lifted. may you be free from false view.

(aaaauhhhm, insight dialogue this past week rocked! the practice happened. ‘i’ got out of my way, and actually engaged in the practice. sweet!  😉  )


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