why practice? part 3

one thing i meant from the first installment, about response, resolve and resilience, is that contemplative practice is not selfish. it may be solitary or communal. either way, it is filling me up with resource and perspective on self and other. from such groundedness and clarity, i can better serve and be among people — co-workers, family, neighbors, etc. i have more to offer with ease, not from self-sacrifice, denial or deprivation, but from an open, receiving and allowing web of energy, which i am one facet or reflection of (as are you 🙂 ).

also, as long as i am breathing in this egomindbody mechanism, i will be appearing to pass through time and space, and both will continue to fill with experiences and images, information and sensory input. the take-home here is that i will never be ‘done’. there will always be a sun ray, a radio program, a friend’s hug, a memory of a gone-before, a sugar cookie, to integrate and let go of. i will continue to ‘need’ to offer up my love and pain to the meditation cushion or yoga mat e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. and if i am lucky enough to ever afford a three-year, three-month, three-day retreat… therein, obviously, the fodder for practice could never be finished. i’ve already got decades to let go of and gracefully love on. (um- i am not there yet!) so, only if one took such retreat at 3-years-old, would one maybe be empty of material to integrate and let go of.

there’s a catch.

i both do and don’t exist (same goes for you). all our whirrld faith histories behold beings of manifest egomindbody mechanisms who could paradoxically appear in human form, and release each and every tax of such existence with grace and love. jivan mukti. reaching the kingdom of heaven before death. yar! it is here! now! how fully do i know this? breathe this? live this? this is the tantra — the full expression of the paradox in non-duality. chew on that one. practice.

i practice.


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