and bodies…

i read bones of the master and body of work concurrently months ago now. (i just pasted in someone else’s review of bones, and i wagged towards something of body in this post.) bones searches the relational and mental dimensions of the living body, while body explores the historical and medical experience of dissecting non-living bodies. among my average of reading seven books at any given time, i always cover a range from technical scientific lore to poetic story-telling manifestoes. 

george crane's bones of the master

christine montross's body of work

there are always burgeoning blog posts in my mind — some neglected book reviews like these… more definings/dissectings of the terms ‘gender’ and ‘death’, from their multiple medical vagaries to cultural/social thought clouds… and so many other blog ideas surrender completely to my slippery grasp of time/space.  

today a sliver of clarity visited me as to why i’m entering graduate school again. and why for this degree this time. (this is a lumpy novelty yarn of a post, not a mercerized thread. bear with me if you care.) 

i am now concurrently reading michael gershon’s the second brain balanced with a nice fantasy fiction piece not worth mentioning ‘in my book’; yet, at least. (i’ll finish it tonight… then i’ll judge even more, haha.)

michael gershon's the second brain

today i fell into a thrilling conversation with a psychiatrist studying the effects of meditation and yoga on addiction recovery evidenced in brain MRIs. we swapped jargons of neuroscience and somatics, confusing each other a wee bit and piquing each others curiosities. as i’d just been reading the second brain while waiting to meet this person, i realized another layer of why i dropped out of somatic psychology and am pursuing contemplative education. layers dropping… adhikara… good good.

i don’t manage technical science lingo too well. i love it. maunch chew it up yum. i practice it, learn it and live it. what i integrate, from such dives into specificity, are whole concepts and waves of esoteric and philosophical queries that move me, literally.

in short, it is a better fit for me to study learning in the contemplative, pedagogical, social and community context. that doorway into mental states, patterns and oscillations of attention, neuroscience, life, embodiment and breath get me to the same table (or palate or dance floor or diaphragm or surgical theatre or…) that psychologists and psychiatrists and educators and artists and doctors and preachers all get to in the end/beginning (or need to, huh?!).

i can unpack my esoteric ramblings. i have done it. the structure of grad school satiates my li’l intellectual side so sweetly. i look forward to re-honing my articulation skills in the very near future. you can please continue to let me know how i’m doing.

gotta go clean out the fridge. my housemate is stranded in europe! thus, some scents have emerged that might have been of consumable food stuffs if homing happened when originally planned.  😉  here’s to all you out there, in this mess of a life study. such a great school of learners, ain’t we?! messy and failing and willing and falling and leaping and dreaming… good night.


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