beltane altar

Spring rain:

Come inside my nightgown,

You nightingale, too

~ Natsume Soseki

time of revelry and bawdiness, stimulating and life-making. promise making and promise breaking, cleansing relationships of dis-harmonies. hand-fasting and tying-the-knot. fire-leaping. green fields breathing under the warm sun.    

listen. ponder. smell. participate. return. stare. walk. imbibe. pick. pet. write. raise. nourish. teach. play. hurl. hug.

(gratitude for inspiring wordsmiths starhawk, ruth barrett, and marni norwich.)

u's nandhi bull and lingam/yoni

more lingams in yonis 😉

we didn’t have a maypole. but the symbols were all over, yha. horns and antlers. stamen and pistils. pokey-outy things and vessels. almond shaped spirals and stripes. openings to be pierced. love to be made. boundaries to be softened. transformations to be simply uncovered and danced about. be. you.

those sutures! (thanx p!)


One Response to “beltane altar”

  1. savouring samhain « embodhiment Says:

    […] cailleach bheur just can’t decide whether to dance and drink up because brighid is with a babysitter, or do the ususal and murmur mutter moans at the daughter gone underground, ’til her seeds shiver shake at imbolc and burst into flame at beltane. […]

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