i am practicing mindfulness of speech, as i learned about it this summer. what immersion in contemplative community can do for me. i have a dangerous way of condensing space with my speech. you may laugh at the recognition of any pain i’ve caused you, and all the mistakes i have made in your presence. at least i named my 2010 intention clearly in my first real blog entry: i will… communicate. communicating even in this blog is a wee tiny bit safer than my habit of mindless speech.

yes, any form of communication can be seen as my ‘voice’. i am aware now more than ever, though, of my use of speech – the voice of my mind that drops its pants in public a lot. seems my new year’s intention has power behind it, despite myself.

what this means is i will be practicing the first prajna of hearing with deep observation, direct perception, and fearlessness (?).

what this means is that i will simultaneously try to hide a little less in my silence… what this means is that i will make many flamboyant mistakes. i beg your patience, compassionate witness, and willingness to let me know when i am condensing space around you!

here’s to shambala warriorship of the tender heart of sadness and joy. here’s to open space.


One Response to “more”

  1. michele Says:

    Elliott- I sent you some comment on your CC paper- they are on your regular email- love- MIchele

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