Jo – auspicious orderly beginning; placing the arrow.
there’s a difference between letting your awareness find your place… and having to explore with your body… fascinating difference. i am learning the efficiency and grace of ‘knowing’ – Mudra Space Awareness –  and then, the body just goes to it… arriving in the now.
funny process – time & space – yha? 
Ha – building energy; intensification; pull the bow.
scalp in carpet, rattling bones – as my love said yesterday, “pull those muscle fibers apart to let some light in”, referring to change…
funny process – change – yah?
Kyu – swift conclusion; precise ending; release the arrow.
it’s not death exactly. more like how early school children move on. we release them towards their future selves, to evolve and grow beyond our comprehension. there is sadness and lonliness only at the confusion of completion and space… like at the end of the run of a performace.
funny process – letting go – hmm?
seems like a perfect time to not fill up mental space with emptiness/sunyata/mu… “We are not eager to surrender our imagined autonomy in favor of the idea that we are a big soup of space.” (Lee Worley’s Coming From Nothing, p. 133)
enjoy these days, big soup of space –
 feel the form of wind on your skin, 
the form of food on your tongue,
the form of light on your eyes,
the form of the tsunami of sounds in your ears,
and the form of the wild scents filling up your nose.
be empty.

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