a teacher identified with integrity

This teacher in mind, like all of my great teachers, and many that others have shared about, embodied the requisite love for her subject, attention and care for her students’ inner lives, and spark… really spunky creative quirky sort of soul. (She died young; thus the past tense.) What stays with me, about her way of being with so so many students, was how she engaged in pedestrian everyday life projects and made these experiences art.

[As an early school teacher, it is a natural focus of my work to engage in food prep, bathroom use, hand-washing, repairing toys, cleaning spills –meaning these are the activities that I share with my students… ‘Teachable moments’ are what an early school classroom is all about.]

Yet, this person was a high school art teacher, and she turned road trips, canvas frame building and stretching, dinner parties, movie and music critiquing… and all this ‘normal’ stuff into the center of what drew us all together in her classes/school/community. She was a force, and the line between her time/identity as a teacher, and as a human simply didn’t seem to be there… not in an unhealthy way; but in a vibrant authentic loving enriching way…


2 Responses to “a teacher identified with integrity”

  1. mary Says:

    That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. souldipper Says:

    Hopefully she had a sense of that…but then, she probably didn’t need a sense of that. I take it back!

    I do love spending time with people who can see magnificence in the ordinary.

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