savouring samhain

this is ridonkulously my favorite time of year – the tension between my ‘dark‘ side and ‘life‘ can meet and celebrate expressively, rather than more typically under cover- sort of… if you know me well, or read in the recesses of this blog, you know…

the gone befores were young

it is the new year, and i reflect now, as i do in relation to the broader celebrated ‘new year’ come january. the gone-befores and young ones delight me with their twists of lessons of sorrow and pain, and what all that is for — to realize joy and freedom.

this season has brought an unusual amount of actual hu’moon losses, personally, and the public recognition of the loving traditions recognized. while in durham, alter/altar your love here. if in san fran, see brett cook’s grandma here

cailleach bheur just can’t decide whether to dance and drink up because brighid is with a babysitter, or do the ususal and murmur mutter moans at the daughter gone underground, ’til her seeds shiver shake at imbolc and burst into flame at beltane.

(at least i made it through another lughnasad durn – i love these cross-quarter days!)


-the year’s ending and year’s beginning



-the veil between worlds is thinnest

-the gates of life and death are opened

-we meet in time out of time, everywhere and nowhere, here and there

-the highest holy day, when time runs differently, and the past, present and future meet

-we dream the dark until winter solstice, and the rebirth of the sun again, on another cold morning as light and song awaken the earth and sky

(thoughts from starhawk and collette gardiner)

venus laussel's cornucopia and my toes


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