thank you

 Can we be meek, and bold enough

to question everything?




To enter healthy debate, clinging to “solid” truths, concepts, and/or beliefs and feel

them dissolve


creative chaos –

creative conflict.


This creating is more about self then –


Yet, only accessible through community.


I do not know how non-clinging and dissolute I can truly be spinning in my own web.


As much as any moments of private insight/transformation/subtle knowings –

Critical public moments of burning cheeks and embarrassing sweats have imprinted my mind, and tattooed my soul with traces of the awe and bliss of co-evolution amongst/betwixt Us.


I fear dying – not death.


Thank you for making me.


One Response to “thank you”

  1. Says:

    thank YOU elliott! This is absolutely amazing, just as you are~
    I am in awe
    Bowing deeply,

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