what is born/torn of you tonight?

driven by artistic license

i promise


at first pass

i always

pull out

the wrong

handed glove.

careening through streets to keep a perfect rain drop splat journeying its way across the windshield the way “i” want it to… never mind watching the road or whichever errand i was to be moving towards…

i have never and will never earn this hearing, this tasting, this seeing, smelling

this sense of


and i am ungrateful oftener than i care to remember to forget.

still trying to discover if something labeled a table is for kicking or for placing a cup of juice upon.

do we think tradition is a tradition despite our reinventing every time?

beneath every courage

is this delusional earthling believing they have artistic license to dance with free will.

what is born/torn of you tonight?


4 Responses to “what is born/torn of you tonight?”

  1. Gayle Grimes Says:


    You continue to move me.

    Love and All Good Things – Gayle

  2. Casi Says:



    Thank you for pulling out of my own shadow pile and reminding me we are truly all in this together.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Stunning as always, my brilliant beautiful friend.

    Thank you.

  4. Courtney Fitzpatrick Says:

    “Oftener than I care to remember to forget” is only one of the brilliant gems you trot out here. Thank you so much for sharing this. It is you through and through.

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