i am here

[As i prepared for my new contemplative movement class today, i created this “invocation” to read when i introduce the bow as i know and love it from 5+ years of Naropa influence in/on me.]

The Bow:

3 stages – to behold, feel and give

a-      Lengthen your spine with warrior’s courage – bring a sense of clarity, alertness and strength into your body, a sense of the possibilities of wakefulness and vision, arousing the desire to learn

b-      Soften into heart of the matter – relax deep within, feel your heart open, exposed and vulnerable, the source of gentleness, the source of longing to make contact with others and to be helpful, to be of service – as you hold this posture, these aspects may be felt as a kind of positive sadness

c-      Bow – make a personal gift of your warrior inspiration to all the others who are bowing – expand your sense of this gift to encompass all who are within and beyond this room

– make a generous gift of all these wonderful qualities as you bow – this way, this willingness, is the warrior’s bravery

Opening Bow: intent

I am here.

I am ready to be present and accounted for. 

I am aware of the presence of others in the room.

I will practice respect and patience with myself and with others. 

I will practice being open to and with the ideas and feelings that arise – including confusion, excitement, boredom, compassion, fear, ease, hostility, attraction, indifference, and emotions that have no name.

I will practice allowing myself to be vulnerable, taking the risk to speak my mind, offer a personal story, or share in ways that I might in other situations keep guarded.

Closing Bow: intent

I acknowledge the end of our time together today, and will hold in my heart what I have learned.

—even further adapted from an essay by Frank Berliner, Naropa University faculty and my prof, Mary Lanza 


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