beginner’s mind

Now that you’ve let go of It All…

How do you choose how to begin again?

After corpse pose, savasana, final resting pose…

you breathe in and…

reclaim what?

Which particular aspects of your known self do you wish to carry forward into your life, your day(s), your night(s)??!!

Practicing beginner’s mind is distinct from the first nervous steps of a beginner in any deliberate study or endeavor.  

During the first hours of a week long trek, I don’t need to practice beginner’s mind, I am embodying it! I am hyper sensitive to the smells and the trail markers, the sounds of fellow animals and hikers in my world… my mind is peeled and fresh to the new terrain.

But what of every time that I step onto this rubbery yoga asana mat, or squish my bottom onto my kapok-shell-stuffed zafu, or open the door to the classroom I enter every weekday??!!

From Lee Worley’s book, Coming From Nothing:

“Understanding is deepening of the distinctive nature of beginner’s mind, openness, Jo. To experiment enthusiastically with ‘intelligent self-regulation’ – to be able to teach spontaneously with all of one’s history, conditioning, evolution, and contemplative practice supporting the moment seems frighteningly far away yet tempting in its present availability.” (p. 38)

“Taking a chance does not mean being a dare devil or a reckless person. Taking a chance is radical because it requires coming from nothing, sharing who you are at every moment.” (p. 132)

May you be free from self-limiting mental conditions

May you be filled with present-centered curiosity

May you be peaceful in the midst of chaos

May you be free


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