the whir versus the ch-ch ch-ch

i’ve gone a few times to the eno river to hear the overwhelming hum-whir-ch-ch ch-ch-sraping-beating-like-a-primal-anklet-belled-stomping dance. the sound is already changing and the shells are fewer… get out and listen if you haven’t heard yet!!!

this vid captures incredible images and info.

it has been hitchcock-film-like. not as much so now. today there was a pulse to the whir that i did not hear only a few weeks ago. it sounds like surges and recuperative waves are wafting through the energy as the mating period wraps up…??

here’s the sound alright,

but when i am walking by the river, it is truly overwhelming. (apparently the whirring is from the cicadas. the locusts create the percussive beat that i hear at the eno along with the cicadas. i do not hear the locusts in this second vid.)


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