mundane rapture

yep. this is it! we made it!

and i am finally one or two tasks away from completing this nesting phase into my new dwelling (the one i moved into in february!). it is another testament to some side-door benefit of practicing deep rest? meditation? yoga asana? that i tolerated my home being in quite severe disarray for months, while working and doing the grad school thang… (as i used to not be able to tolerate such for a day, or it simply relfected some deep depression or similar state.)


and here i am blogging about the mundane.  i’ve felt it coming on these past couple of days… that i didn’t have anything deeply visual or conceptual to ramble about. it is a mundane rapture i am feeling, as i right my room- hang the last few pictures, keep removing the camel crickets, snakes (yes – 3 in the past month – sweet baby brown snakes), and even two brown recluse spiders, among all the other seasonally adventurous creatures that try to share a moist southern basement apartment with me.

almost daily romantic thunder storms have created minor seeping floor puddles for me…

this earth dance. by typing what i’ve done thus far, my status of being – …something… lucky, blessed, whatever – is revealed embarrassingly so. i have a dwelling to call home. my own front door to open and close – to scoop unwelcome yet appreciated 6, 8, and no-legged beings out from. laundry – how i bow to a laundry machine. a toilet. a small instrument of a refrigerator.

a friend’s blog of homing on earth inspired this post. thanx m! bon voyage!


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