reflecting on parenting

I do not parent. I am recently divorced from my own inner trip of an attempt at co-parenting that was so non that any who know me may be thinking, “What!?” Alas, my heartmindspirit was on trial as never before, as I experimented with what it means to parent. In action, I have not and did not, in this case, parent! I merely gained a few views as to what I do not even still understand to be the love and patience and madness and creativity required in the full-bodied act of parenting.

I bow to all parents.

Rather than parent, I do teach and work with the entire life span of age ranges, with many families in school and community environments. This father’s day (today, ehem), I was amongst a fabulously diverse community with myriad nuclear family constellations that did and did not include a “father”. Thus, we honored all parents. [Never mind the hallmark construction of these weird holidays we sprinkle our calendars with… another gender free day– heehee- another topic…]

I heard of a single mom’s eldest of three children making her breakfast in bed today, including coffee. This mother was glowing with her children’s love on this father’s day.

I experience a few proud moments of my own, with my students, over time, of course.  I do not feel any right to the adeptness of bodymindheart my students express – just love and delight at the knowing of them and the gift of sharing time/space with them. In fact, it is these precise moments when I am receiving lessons from my students most sharply and swiftly.

–  One ripe ‘ol movement student around the age of 8, came into a session with me recently after a day of learning about the brain in school. This student said that the brain was the king of the whole body – everything. We talk a lot, in our yoga practice together, about sensing arterial and venous blood flow in various poses, and about breath… I described, as he moved through space, about the link between oxygen in the blood fueling the brain. After a while, he concluded that the lungs and heart are the parents, and the brain is their pet!!! Ah! Bowing to this young master! Never woulda come up with that analogy myself.

–  Also recently, an adult movement student spoke to me after class about feeling and finding her organ support during gross postural/shape changes! She had never felt it before, never thought much about it before, and was meeting parts of herself that have always been there, decades later… Bowing to this human body discovering itself! I can’t do such for anyone else- yah! Thus, I know I have no part in it. The person opens up. That is all 😉 I am honored to get to make some work out of witnessing and learning such suchness!

May all parents and children be happy!


3 Responses to “reflecting on parenting”

  1. Jay + 1 Says:

    This is by far one of my favorite post! You do parent in many ways for so many people! You know I have told you many times how you have served different roles for me whether it be parent, sister/brother, friend, counselor etc…And now you will serve what will be a very important role in my growing family: my child’s Auncle Elliott 😉 Thank you for all you do! Love You!!!

  2. Melanie Says:

    A beautifully delivered celebration of parents. Yes. Yes. And YES. And I bow to your receptivity as a teacher … that is the strong counterbalance to the giving aspect of same. *bow*

  3. me Says:

    What a cool kid. What a cool you.


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