slowing sound

experience with the approach, peak, and descent of sound –

moving texture of self and sound

If I am hiking towards, up alongside, and then winding away from a brook or waterfall, the sound experience has a similar crescendo, intensity, and decrescendo as my being still while a motor vehicle passes by on the avenue. I am tasting paradox in the compassionate contemplative practice of slowing experiences down into their observable moving parts. It might appear that I am slowing motion down towards stillness, from the rapid fire life I have become used to. However, it is the rapid fire way of experiencing the world that is a succession of slamming into solid seeming sounds and feelings like hammers on the head, bumping into walls of stress, or mountains of demands of life….

The contemplative path of slowing ourselves and things (like thoughts) down, allows the motion of thoughts/self/sensings to become less stuck or stagnant or solid, and to then move and breathe and dance free from the false projected succinctness or form-ness or being-ness of things. With subtle awareness, my solid seeming yet ironically fast seeming life becomes a palpable motion of tolerable and even delightful parts. The essential motion of life reveals itself gracefully, deep to the conditioned familiar speed of stillness.


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