tiny jewels from the practice

away here on retreat

practicing empty form and full space

some gems worth losing, in the cerebral way-wu-wei:

My current working definition of creativity:

A living process from non to being; a thought turned to meet a sense gate directly and dance through it.

Epiphanies or insights occur only as frequent and profound in proportion to how far from reality – as-it-is-ness – one has become…

terrible fun

To say “young” children or “small” children is weird. Children tend to be small and young (only from an adult human view of course).

waisting time / composting space

I’ve been trying to name that feeling between the clear need to cry and knowing it’s not gonna manifest. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

s  s
s      s          s                                                    e    w r r h r r    ee
wrrhrr    e          e

r h u n m p h p

uu u u U H h h hhh                                             l i
ss k     l l i sk       l i s k     l i s sk

w h h a h kch                                              tthhu

t r r t r r                                                                   r
f p     r f p     r f p

b          b                                                          seee                 s s e e e

ch  sh  sh                                             u
u u u u m m m n n n u u u


One Response to “tiny jewels from the practice”

  1. kellyapetrie@aol.com Says:

    for lack of a better word 🙂

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