a thought…

A slightly flawed cosmic mirror allows the universe to exist.”

(Headline, Scientific American, February 1988 cited in Helen Berliner’s Enlightened by Design, 1999, p. 73)


2 Responses to “a thought…”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Very profound, Elliott. I have a feeling I’ll be chewing on this little gem for quite some time. Thanks for posting it. How’s Naropa going? I hope your mirror is kindly reflecting a Universe of truth, beauty, freedom and love!

  2. embodhiment Says:

    hello melanie~ thank you for your words. the mirror i see indeed reflects some of “It” all… the messy reconstruction work internally and externally, as well as the dew evaporating under the sun and the creek singing strong after rain. i wonder how your geo-graphic-dancing is feeling today?! (as my mind is soon turning back towards our fair durham ;))

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