clear conundrums

Here’s some jazz to perhaps enhance the ponderings of the previous post.

early summer  journaling:

…during our first Creating Community class, we were asked to toss out words for things that we sought in our community. One person said, ‘Wisdom’. After a couple of other nice words floated out and around, I spoke to my feeling the contrarian, familiar to myself and my cohort. Someone asked for examples of what I meant. I said that I sought space for ignorance in our community, and solitude, and the like, countering all the togetheriness and positivity. After some other people contributed, this friend spoke directly to the facilitator, saying that they wanted to ask Elliott what she meant by wanting ignorance in our community. I turned red, and slowly reflected that this person’s very question demonstrated how ignorance draws me out.

Their choice of pronoun pushed me to both explain ignorance and my gender identity all in one… a perfect example of my body and mind syncing, and the community and me connecting over a query. A first year admitted that they had no idea what I had said and asked of me again – for me to speak, connect, think, look, breathe – to become this earthiness of us being together. So, I doubly used the ‘teachable moment’ of my friend’s question as a manifestation of ignorance and community, wisdom and isolation…

“As dualistic reflections of wisdom and compassion, both naïveté and cynicism are actually necessary. Naïveté relates to wisdom, because of its openness and lack of tension. Cynicism relates to compassion…, because of its ability to zero in on situations and catch signs of dishonesty. Naïveté when integrated with cynicism manifests openness, trust, and confidence. Cynicism when integrated with naïveté manifests capacity, capability, and direct uninhibited action.”

Chogyam, N. (1997). Spectrum of ecstacy. New York, NY: Aro Books, p. 170.


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