emptiness shunyata mu space

Free time, vacation, no plans – these are all experiences of time-space than many people struggle with, despite the superficial desire for these things. When we find truly un-scheduled time, we tend to mindlessly fill it. We might go see a movie, bake cookies, call a friend, email a friend… catch up on the honey-do list… anything but just be with the true moment of emptiness and freedom from internal or external demands. We create demands/to-doings to feel needed, useful, and productive; to feel we are a contributing member of society, a valuable part of the human family!

However, most of us fear the deep inner knowing that our death is imminent. We are replaceable. We see and feel it happen with the passing of every living being we know of and love who leaves us through the shockingly thin veil of death. Rockwell (2002) writes about people’s avoidance of stillness and empty time-space: “They live with perpetual nervous tension from constantly moving. They fear stillness; it’s move or die” (p. 64). Chogyam (1997) further illustrates people’s misunderstandings of space – or what comes before, during, after, surrounding, and between all time:

Our reaction to confronting intrinsic space manifests as fear of obliteration – we have the feeling that space has a deadly finality about it. (p. 164)

… When we gain some degree of clarity… we start to view vanishing as an occupational hazard of being… Learning to trust intrinsic space – the space between known areas of experience – is the basis of growth. Without trusting this space we stagnate. When we go to sleep there has to be some kind of trust in waking up. (p. 172)


Chogyam, N. (1997). Spectrum of ecstacy. New York, NY: Aro Books.

Rockwell, Irini. (2002). The five wisdom energies: A buddhist way of understanding personalities, emotions, and relationships. Boston, MA: Shambhala.


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