out about?

what might you be covering?

what might you come out about…

 as a warrior, survivor, self-confident super hero(ine), an ally or…?

“…people fear the unknown and want their world to be simple and predictable” (Rockwell, 2002, p. 72).

As a suicidal person, my ideations and self-harming ‘were’, in part, of a fear that the world was predictable and simple. I could not conceive how to live with/in it. As queer as I am, I could not understand how to survive in this place that (I know) dejects and rejects the likes of me.

Rockwell (2002) continues, “All this ignoring takes great effort. First you have to notice everything, and then you have to deliberately choose to turn away from it” (p. 72).

Funny thing about noticing or knowing, you can’t un-know… Thus, yes, there is great effort in staying alive at times.

No matter what your secrets are –

what you may be more or less covering and/or passing as –

you have a brilliant unique knowing wisdom that the world needs!

Find your creative expression in safe community and wild wonder.

Here’s an incredible example!

by someone i am honored to know! 🙂

Rockwell, Irini. (2002). The five wisdom energies: A buddhist way of understanding personalities, emotions, and relationships. Boston, MA: Shambhala.


6 Responses to “out about?”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I am sending you a hug. Just because, really. And also partly because that animation was so awesome. Like you are so awesome. And awesomeness deserves hugs.

    By the way, I have had a Facts of Life marathon watching evening with fizzy water while hanging out with my bunny. Only my bunny’s named Anisette, not Snuffles.

  2. Jay + 1 Says:

    Of course you already know I come out as an Ally BIG time every year! 😉 As you already know too- I’m so proud of you for being YOU! I know very cheesy! LOL! Of course any mention of SI worries me but I see the ‘were’ and I and forever thankful/grateful for that! Baby Janie can’t wait to meet her Auncle Elliott! 😉

  3. Vanessa Says:

    Yes, for those of us who have chosen to walk forward, I bow to you. I know how hard it is to continue on and come out, and elliot, dear sweet elliot, I consider the world brighter for the existance of you… courage on!

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