body-ness is so normal it is odd

Specialized knowledge is both a distancing and yet a deepening process. It allows some of us to dive into a singular passion or path of knowing, that illumines the greater whirrldly wholeness to us. Even though we might then never know the intricacies of an-other subject’s particularities…

I shared a chuckle with a home repair person yesterday, as some obvious awareness of house-ness was revealed through their eyes… My thesis writing, and embodiment practicing eyes just missed it.

Most of us are fortunate enough to live indoors, with walls and things like that, yet we might not know exactly how to care for or repair such.

I turned from this conversation wide-eyed and laughing at how true this parallels my work with people and their bodies! Whether home-less or not, we all live in a body! And many do not know of its workings or how to ease much less repair any aches etc. (…aside from the cellular intelligence and inner wisdoms that constantly repair us ;))

May your bike, car and/or home machinations run smoothly~

And may your very own inner mobilities and senses of embodied home-ness breathe you easy~



2 Responses to “body-ness is so normal it is odd”

  1. Melanie Says:

    True ‘dat!

  2. itsxyenttirb Says:

    This brought me to a calm-like state. Thanks for posting this!

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