I am noticing a pattern of experiencing autumn as a gentler planetary/seasonal/bodily shift, though it may be experienced as more threatening or challenging in mind-spirit-ego as I approach dark days and turning inward ways.

Whereas springtime is invigorating, exciting, and perhaps then ‘easier’ for mind-spirit-ego, though it is tumultuous for my body – per the March-madness of the triple heater trying to figure when to/how to warm or cool me…

There are many more direct parallels and synchrony in autumn and spring. I have tended to track those more often; like happenings in my endocrine and immune systems…

Graciously, since our body-mind-ego-spirit is all one bag of tricks, you may completely disagree, and have very varied ways of perceiving all this earth-spinning-bodymind-ness.

Let me know what you notice!


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