all’s hollow for all hallow’s

Ahhhhhh emptiness 🙂

– Happy Celtic New Year, Samhain, Hallow’evnin, Hallowed Mass, All Saints’, All Souls’, Diwali, Dia de los Muertos, post Sukkoth time, Baba Yaga’s Moon Time coming, Innana’s Descent to vulnerable power, and ever-lasting ever-loving Hecate’s messenger-ship,  support of Persephone (and Demeter), and her love of solitude!

I could have been a ripe Neville Longbottom to my friends’ Harry, Hermione, and ?? A, were you Snape?? Months ago at the mention, I saw me’self in a cardigan, carrying a nice medium-sized cactus variety as the stand-in Mimbulus Mimbletonia. …A perfect way for my social-wary self to keep hugging-humans at bay. 😉 What my crystal ball portends misjudged was which book’s Neville I would portray.

Saturday night, as my friends were reveling, and tonight… I don my pajamas, studiously portraying the 10-points-earning-bravery to be a nerd and do what a’should – stay in and do homework.

There were years when I garbed up as Persephone. By now, I more travel with Persephone…

So, toodaloo Mother, Demeter/Diameter/Dia-mater/Tiamat,

Meredith Monk, Diamanda Galás, Hecate, Persephone and I will be downstairs in the basement for a while… don’t wait up.

We’ll be back in time for Beltane!


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