internat’l transgender day of remembrance


we’ve learned this.

we know this;

each of you,

and me,

and every single cell inside pulsing swimming.

the buildup of salty nausea

a torqued soul

a flipped mind


is it

a knotted colon

a blunt-forced brain

egos are ground to dust and seep back in every crack

every silence,

seeking scream

a precise accumulation of insults

turn into aggression – possibly murder


is it

a precise accumulation of insults

dissolve into diminishment

dissembling selves

a silent unacknowledged disappearing

ignorance and fear are not only the privilege of “theirs” – some “other” people’s blind righteousness

this is a call for remembrance

privilege is an ignorance and a fear of mine, of ours!

i am agendered, dis-identified

try that on an ego seeking scream!

this is not the international transmen’s day of remembrance

this is not the international transwomen’s day of remembrance






transwomen of color are horrifically disproportionately targeted in the murders and hate crimes we light candles for tonight

because i am invisible as a trans person

i am less targeted by most

yet painfully subconsciously targeted within this trans community

because i pass

out there on the street

i never pass!


2 Responses to “internat’l transgender day of remembrance”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Brilliant. Honest. Heartbreaking. Necessary. You are golden. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to hearing about the event.

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