we have a problem…


2 Responses to “we have a problem…”

  1. kellyapetrie@aol.com Says:

    Can I tell you something horrifying I heard today while supporting my student in art class? The teacher was instructing all of the students on how to draw without lifting the pencil or moving their eyes away from the subject of the drawing (there is a term for this which I can’t seem to retrieve from my brain, but I am sure you know what I am talking about). She did a fabulous job demonstrating and talking with the kids about taking their time and how this method develops attention and yadayadayada…. She then emphasized to the kids that they might want to practice at home or in study hall… Suddenly, all of the students spoke out at once and declared: “We are NOT allowed to draw in study hall!”

    I nearly fell over. My heart seemed to stop dead. I still cannot believe they are not allowed to draw in study hall! Seriously now?What is wrong with this world!?

    This was at the end of the day today but I am pretty sure I am going to be visiting our principal tomorrow… I just can’t stop thinking about this!

    Thanks for posting this. I think I just might need to print it off.

  2. Melanie Says:

    Wow. Not sure whether to giggle at this or be completely horrified that it is enough of a reality to be satirized in such a way. I think I will allow myself to be horrified while giving myself permission to giggle just a little bit. Seriously, though, horrified is winning out by a landslide.

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