I replace the words enlightenment, duality, and neurotic with various other dyads –

like intuition/intellect, ultimate/relative, delight/discipline, hard/soft, neurosis/wisdom, confusion/clarity, me/you…

Play! Read it again and again. Enjoy the twisting body and spiraling mind 🙂


…the enlightened state is terminally seductive. …even though we may be hell bent on maintaining duality. When our enlightened nature sparkles through, there are three possible responses: attraction, aversion, or indifference. It’s the attraction aspect of our neurotic state that wants to get close to the enlightened state, because we have the idea that it just might be the most fabulous reference point7 in the universe. But it’s also the enlightened state itself, the fact that we could be continually teetering on the edge of self-liberation, that actually provides the pull or draw. The aversion aspect of our neurotic state also wants to get close to enlightenment, but it wants to get close in terms of its inherent suicidal tendency. With indifference either option seems fraught, so we retract and hope that we will not remember the possibility that presented itself. It’s very tricky stuff. It’s incredibly sneaky – duality is alarmingly clever. Aversion wants to stay alive – which is also why it wants to commit suicide in enlightenment. Enlightenment beckons like some tremendous height from which we might fall.

7 Reference points are what we use to establish our existence as: solid, permanent, separate, continuous and defined.  (p. 22)

Chogyam, N. (1997). Spectrum of ecstacy. New York, NY: Aro Books.


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