bowing to brigid and random bits

imbolc is coming easy this year. the weather hasn’t been winter. odd and sad and easy…? yes no. the morning light is sooner. since a death in the family dropped in to partake in my master’s project on space and death and gaps and in-betweens, why not throw in another project to tease out some brain space from the reading and writing… this project is interjecting the opposite end of the spectrum of a human manifest existence.

it has been 25 years since i’ve used a dress pattern. a family heirloom is lost, thus a new one is needed.

gotta love a beautiful gender neutral tradition 😉 even if it is symbolic, in a way, of what i don’t believe in… i, for one, come more and more to “believe in the beginning of the end of all belief” (Captain Snowdon, from Moving Into The Body). and of course i will be hand-embroidering in some subtle imagery to represent the cosmos and all the swirls of the ways of this and that.—

it is recommended to splurge and enjoy 100% cotton swiss batiste at least once in one’s sewing life. gratitude for Mulberry Silks and their generous help! i am melting in this delicious fabric [as well as swimming in leonard cohen’s perfect new album] and am satisfied with the lace. i have a fine arts degree in fibers… not engineering… and i am daring to modify the pattern. wish me luck.


4 Responses to “bowing to brigid and random bits”

  1. robert turnbull Says:

    We LOVE you – you are wonderful!!! All the best – Dad & Susan

  2. Jay + 1 Says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! I LOVE that it will be handmade from her namesake and I LOVE that you are enjoying the process! THANK YOU!!

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