Cloaked with Understanding – Darshan -Or- Baby Shoes are Ridonk

It is like the difference between studying yellow on a white ground

or adding yellow to a red or blue ground.

(Worley, 2001, p. 129)

Darshan is something that can only be intentionally practiced with awareness by the muddied eyes of someone grown beyond childhood; though it might be described as a pure view – a way of seeing without projection, expectation, hesitation. Darshan, as I understand it, is a conditioned mind practicing original sight of an unconditioned mind. At least, with such a practice, one can come to see a few things: one’s conditions, mind free of conditions, the space between, and the space which holds them all…

“Rather than living the labels of things,

openness means reestablishing [emphasis added]

a bare attention that precedes labels”

(Worley, 2001, p. 45).

It is important to understand the contrast between darshan as a practice, and what is actually happening. In Montessori’s quote below, there is some confusion as adults’ heartbodyminds absolutely also absorb and transform in relation to our environments. We just cloak over such awareness due to years of conditioned responsiveness.

The child stands in a different relationship to the environment. We may admire an environment. We may remember an environment, but the child absorbs it into himself. He does not remember the things that he sees, but he forms with these things part of his psyche. He incarnates in himself the things which he sees and hears i.e., in us there is no change, in the child transformation takes place. (Montessori, 1949, p. 98)

The wondering expressed in the quote below illumines incredible hope for the practice, and potential of conditioned ways opening to bare attention. In pondering as prompted, I experience the cloaked attention due my life time, as well as refreshing slivers of bare attention passing through like shooting stars – halting my breath and belly so to start life over again on the next inhale.

…from some of the discoveries of the Hubble Telescope Deep Field research… when one travels deeper into space, one also travels back farther in time, what you see is more and more Space- fewer and fewer galaxies, etc. It is quite striking, and one imagines that if you go back far enough there might just be only space, only that deep emptiness. I wonder if we can wander back into ourselves that far? And if we did what we might discover beyond the various roles and stories. I like to ask very young children where they came from. Sometimes I get surprising answers. (Michele Blumberg, Class Notes, Spiritual Roots of Development, January 26, 2012)

Shoes for babies are ridiculous; making perfectly unusable soft shoes with no soles for an infant – bizarre. As an adult making something so small- doll-like in size- is odd and weird feeling. Yet there is some tenderness and preciousness in offering objects and ritual with the intention of maintaining a bareness, a cleanliness, to a newborn soul/life that we grown-ups know full-well will become cloaked with understanding. Here I share an image of a plain mystery: baby shoes that I made as part of a christening gown set, with stars embroidered on top.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once [we] grow up.

~Pablo Picasso


Montessori, M. (1949). The absorbent mind. Madras, India: The Theosophical Publishing House. [July 11, 2011. Copied and re-published by, Lexington, KY,

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Worley, L. (2001). Coming from nothing: The sacred art of acting. Boulder, CO: Turquoise Dragon Press.


5 Responses to “Cloaked with Understanding – Darshan -Or- Baby Shoes are Ridonk”

  1. Jay + 1 Says:

    LOVE!!!!! 😉 and I really LOVE

    Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once [we] grow up.

    ~Pablo Picasso

    Can’t wait to see the whole set! You are so wonderful for putting so much time and love into this! THANK YOU!!

  2. Says:

    Oh how I wish I was in this class with you all…
    …there is something quite lovely about your offerings in this post that directly apply to my thesis work in trying to understand and appreciate and accept the autistic mind as a pure and authentic way of being that doesn’t need all of the pathologizing we conditioned people like to give through labels…

    • embodhiment Says:

      i could say, you’ve no idea how much i wish you were in the class too – however i think you do – and it is mutual. kelly (gulp) i wish you were in this class too. love to you and yours, elliott

  3. finished gown « embodhiment Says:

    […] thank goodness – the bonnet and shoes were not used […]

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