so much

per the nature of lughnasad days’ haze…

those evening twilights creeping in earlier on our falls-leaps-dives-floats between active time to dream time

gearing up for the new school year

reading so much amazing material on Montessori, Reggio, ever-transforming body-brain-mind science, as well as my regular large doses of genderqueer ever-transforming lore…

can’t resist pushing this article: What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress? – NY Times – as it is the best i’ve seen, in this scale of publication/audience, addressing the un-trans-fixable nature of identities, gender, experience, science even!!!

here’s another good’n: Olympic Games and the Tricky Science of Telling Men from Women – LA Times

i have a teasing tearing residue i am still working out from some encounters this summer — uncomfortably mushing the more cosmic essential absence of gender distinctions with the personal… as in, some people blew off my trying to explain my identity and experience as that “oh yeah, me too! i express feminine and masculine traits- don’t we all.” of course that is part of the point 😉 and it equally discounts the place-space of genderqueer/gender nonconforming folks like myself. “i” do not mean the universal/cosmic/ultimate when talking about “my” self/life/identity — i mean skin-pinch-able blood-and-bones me – with detectable footfalls and exhales and collapses… i am not female. i am not male.  sometimes pronouns matter more than at other times. …i’ll try again later…


2 Responses to “so much”

  1. Linda Says:

    Thanks for posting, elliott. I enjoyed these articles a lot.
    I’m missing you!

  2. it’s simple. relatively. ultimately. | embodhiment Says:

    […] some time, i struggled with relative versus ultimate perceptions of gender things/reality – and how we can embrace both realms and allow relativity it’s apparent consistencies […]

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