what i’m reading:

The Disabled Body in Contemporary Art by Ann Millett-Gallant – incredible!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard II by William Shakespeare – readying for LGP’s romping bar-hopping production – richie 😉

some spinkles of ee cummings and rilke – hey, a new school year just started, so i’m desperate for some outer yet familiar inspiration and mirrors of some ok-ness with the space/empty/unqualified/humbled/lost feelings. (yes, that was what my whole thesis was about… i keep slapping my inner mind with my inner mind reflecting on that work too.)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genderqueer – the why of such a word search is another story 😉

and gobs

of tibetan tantra and montessori-meets-reggio lore that i can’t find good links for

(yay, found this one. read it! scroll down until you see this: Ross, K. (2009). “Montessori and Reggio Together: Exploring Possibilities.” AMS 2010 Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award. click on that link, and open the pdf.)


going to see Dead Can Dance this eventide with a beloved friend 🙂

why this sort of vapid post? it’s september. that’s freakin’ me more than usual… watching time and me pass. august 2012 was loaded before, during, and now seeming after, with much weight in its emptiness; its projected freedom to absorb and integrate some huge happenings recently passed. alas, alack, duh. all just keeps on passing ever…

in support of your own free lively research of your life

much love,

ever never elliott


2 Responses to “what i’m reading:”

  1. jayoberski Says:

    Thanks for the plug and thrilled you like Ann’s awesome book! Are you free to do box office for RICHIE one night of the run? Jayka


  2. Ann Millett-Gallant Says:

    Thanks for your comments on my book! I’d love to hear more about what you thought about it. Thanks also for your interest in and comments about our film, Basilisk!

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