room to move

Space is a ridiculously vast topic to try and comprehend through the condensed view of a human life, much less pin down with words. Yet, it is what seems utterly beyond the field of possible understanding or experience that beckons us humans to carry on with our waking days, our endless seeming tasks to maintain a life; in order to move evermore into our full and deep sense of knowing there is more than what seems.

We know that there is wise loving space for us somewhere in this universe. Of course, it is right where we are every breath – in our body. This basic wisdom turns too often into confusion; turns us against ourselves, experiencing the condensed and constricting seeming human-body-suit, with limiting mental projections, as if the incarnate self is the problem – the source of the lack of space. How ironic. Having a body is the only way we know of space or anything at all. How words fail, or perhaps reveal the gaps between the lettered shapes and meanings themselves. Here we sit, living breathing in our space-suits called bodies.

We are surrounded by the evidence of space, so much so that we most often ignore or fear it. We are like fish in water; space is what breaths us, allows us to be and become, to change and dance with the energy of life and learning.

It is actually the removability and absence of soap and water that makes them useful to us. It is this motility and the temporality of occupied space or particular room to move that allows for the process of learning, creativity, change.

The synapses between axons and dendrites in our brain cells, where perception happens, are called gaps. Even the molecules agreeing to form a table you might be resting your forearms on as you read this document are more space wherein the electrons shimmy and whirl around – yet seem so solid to our touch.

…more from the wallop of a thesis on space


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