movement = life?

basic ol’ biology… movement = life ?

As such, the mind is not a thing but a process – ever changing/shifting/moving – whether it is a still stone or an atrophied human on breathing and heart beating machines. Mind is a minor facet of consciousness. And if we are minded beings – best described as movements in change versus the outdated states of being –  yah, we are alive. Not sure then what qualifies as dead – unmoved, unconscious, unminded… I can’t really think of anything. Paradoxically, full-stops, breaks, gaps, rest, letting go, pausing, exhaling, death to what came before actually allows for and creates the space for movement (life) to continue… Re-think on this’n: “repetitive movement is a form of paralysis.” credited to Emilie Conrad

Living, as a process of cognition (aka change!) does not require a brain… or even a nervous system – this is not limited to bio-animal contexts.


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