seeing double

Sekou S:

“…poetry asks us to try seeing double–that is, beyond literal.

To see the molecular world (our bodies, the daily news, the earth, etc.)

and to also see the powers that animate that world.

…Somebody said: anything can make us look, but art can make us see…”

Ani D:

“…I am holding my new little four-month-old baby in my left arm while I write with my right,

and she is a constant reminder to me of how intuitive and capable of multidimensional awareness the human animal is by nature.

She does nothing but use the force all day long, completely unconfused or distracted by linguistically structured thought.

She seems to really sense all the energy and intention around her.


the process by which we are drawn into society–

can create a cloud between us and our nature, and between us and our awareness of the powers that animate and connect things.

…society uses language to divert our attention away from being present,

because it is also with language that the poet pierces that cloud and shines light once again on awareness.” p. 91


yup, race is a myth.

yep, distortions of privilege and oppression effect us everyday.

click this hyperlink and

scroll down to hear For Jones, ‘Deceit’ Is A Matter Of Power, Not Race




when they said he could walk on water

what it sounds like to me


is he could float like a butterfly

and sting like a bee


literal people are scary, man

literal people scare me


out there to rid the world of its poetry


while getting it wrong fundamentally

down at the church of “look!

it says right here, see!”

p. 11

DiFranco, A. (2007). Verses. Seven Stories Press; New York, NY.



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