space for solstice

…our constant goal-oriented someoneness dissolve[s] into the stagelessness of just being.

it is the end of stages.

it is like entering a room only to find it has no walls, no doors, no one inside. awakening from a dream to find we were never asleep (that sleep too was just part of the dream).

it is a going beyond creation and destruction.

you are neither the dancer nor the dance, nor even the ground on which the dance is played out, nor the music, nor even the electrons or the space between them, nor the perception of them, nor the consciousness that you are none of them, nor the feelings that meet this recognition, nor even the “don’t know” that allows it to be seen so clearly.

you recognize that you can’t know who you are, you can only be it.

~ stephen levine


Our perception of “Who dies?” changes as the old is seen not to be real in the way we imagined. Each “thing” is seen to be more real than ever before. Not something you trip over at night on the way to the bathroom. Not as related to you but in its own vibrating suchness. Not the separate reality of “this” and “that” but the unifying thusness out of which all things are composed.

from Who Dies? pp. 250-251


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