inhibit inhabit


grounding in yourself – inside your own body.

in other words

release or stop

grounding into your own body.

you are not the ground.

the ground is this tremendous thing beneath you.

rest into that.

let it all go.

the other day someone commented to another that they had let themself* go.

the receiver of this message made an aghast face.

i asked why this was a bad thing?

it seemed this was actually complimenting the sparkly make-up and spring dress one had donned themself with – appreciating the beauty this person had allowed themself to bring forth.

it seems the message usually implies one has stopped putting up appearances or social graces and has let oneself go freely – let one’s truer self be seen.

here’s the inbibit versus inhabit bit – “you’ve really let yourself go” seems to also say, in a freud-ish way, one’s inhibitions were abandoned for a time…

sounds good to me.

i was reminded in a class yesterday, the distinction of the term inhibition in alexander technique context.

versus self-restraint, self-resistance, or self-filtering/editing

inhibition simply means stopping.

stop doing something habitually that no longer serves you.

and… don’t replace that older inefficient doing with another


just stop.


let it go.

you don’t have to do the new thing/pattern/way.

it will self-emerge if we can get out of our own way.

now, ironically,

this can all be aided the more we


our bones

our home as it were.

lessen dependency on muscle – release those and rest into bones.

when we over-depend on muscles – they try to act like bone – to do bone’s job

the watery nature of mobility of the muscles chronically contracts and can literally harden like bone.

let’s not lean on that.

(talking to myself here.)

let’s let the muscles move bones – temporarily contract and then


when the job is done!

as they are want to do.

(this gentle reminder yesterday from an amazing teacher, Rachel Niketopoulos. scroll down that linked page to find her bio.)

*themself is used gender neutrally here. i am aware it is not a word, technically. theirself, though more accepted, sounds too odd even for me.)



2 Responses to “inhibit inhabit”

  1. melanie Says:

    yes. beautifully expressed. and perfect timing. thank you. love.

  2. robert turnbull Says:

    I like this – you are wonderful — Much love – Dad

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