it takes too

S30A0091she aplombs that my superpower is love.

love?! what i feel is grief and melt-me-into-gritty-gravel-dust compassion for others’ aches.

she assigns her own superpower as seeing the worst in everything – even when others are right beside enjoying present conditions.

i confute – having loved and known her for 15 years – that her superpower is insight.

yes, i verbed that noun (and that one!). because i, ehem, love the word aplomb and see no reason it shouldn’t have another version of itself.




3 Responses to “it takes too”

  1. Kelly Says:

    this post reminds me how much i miss u elliott

  2. Kiki DeLovely Says:

    Anthimeria! I have a penchant for it as well. 🙂 Aplomb. Such a worthy word to verb.

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