it’s all relative baby


it is.


it is having one. if i might be that it…

here’s a gift for a relative’s baby…

due any moment now.

nice fabric for the primordial soup of ocean we all come from, eh!

nice fabric for the primordial soup of ocean we all come from, eh!

all ease and health to the laboring momma and bebe,

who must have Auburn U tiger colors in their environ.


wishing this child and family many peaceful deep sleeps.

i still need to hem the edging and actually quilt the dern thing… had to be done with the machine today.






3 Responses to “it’s all relative baby”

  1. Courtney Fitzpatrick Says:

    So I usually love the way that your work circles around the explicit, but in this case I feel I need some details. Is it literally you that is about to have (in any of the possible ways?) an actual baby (i.e. juvenile human?)

    Regardless, I love these pieces. xo CLF

    • embodhiment Says:

      hi dear Courtney! it’s/its a relative’s baby – ah, clarification 🙂 i mustn’t have AU tiger colors in my environ and no bebe is in or about me. my sister is due verruh soon. (clda been days ago; the intentional dancing and walking is full-on to induce labor… and delivery.) much love to you.

  2. improv strings prove unstrung | embodhiment Says:

    […] so i can align triangle points on the seam sometimes, and i can follow patterns decently, even making on-the-spot modifications for current needs […]

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