summer fabrics restorative

some more of those queer gifts i posted about earlier:

another tie – i need a better camera! – a garish one for a goofy guy


a napping sized quilt (60 x 60 vs. “twin” bedding etc.) for a growing family –

there’s a hummingbird silhouette in the actual quilting rhythm – which is a significant creature to the old and emerging mythology of this new family.

the gift here is about air wisps and green ground… watery maybe too, but not fiery. currently (haha), i feel this tribe is creating a new home of earthiness and breath – thus the color scheme to coordinate?

[soundtrack = Motown, beach music, Diamanda Galas, Souxsie and the Banshees… oh sure, and some David Bowie, Bjork, Indigo Girls, Nancy Griffith, OK GO, and Me’Shell Ndegeocello too.]

quilt top (hummingbird upper R)  –


quilt backing (hummingbird upper L) –


hummingbird (from the back) – ugh, the bright pinkish burn spot in each photo…




i gotta interject.

i entered all above and saved to draft before meeting up with friends, who gained the next quilt (pictured below) and who joined me at 2pm today in seeing The Monument Quilt: Public healing space by and for survivors of rape and abuse. It wasn’t until the-very-moment-oh-one-our-ago, wherein they received their quilt from me, that the mash-up of my maniacally quilting all summer coincided with my having seen this public display today. let’s just say – all i could do this summer was quilt – because it was a somewhat manageable predictable activity inside alone – safe seeming…


and here it is – another napping sized quilt (60 x 60 vs. “twin” bedding etc.) for a growing! family – this tribe has gained some externally expressed rainbow herein, as they are all that on the inside. changes are afoot, challenging, warying, and curious all at once. there’s an old red & black aesthetic from one of the tribe, thus some of the bordering and backing choices you’ll see.

[soundtrack = Cowboy Junkies, various Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtracks, Poi Dog Pondering, Marianne Faithful, Tom Waits, Blake Babies, Robyn Hitchcock, Cyndi Lauper, Odetta, Lisa Gerrard, Meredith Monk…]

quilt top – i also need better skills/tools for capturing large objects in photo image form!


quilt backing –

(honestly, this quilt is knotted because a member of this receiving tribe once made a quilt for a beloved (their 1st niece) that was one of the most beautiful sentimental family quilts i have ever seen. the simple knotting quilt technique was perfectly employed therein. i hope the rainbow of knots suffices here…?) –


please find The Monument Quilt event nearest you and love yourself and all ‘others.’


5 Responses to “summer fabrics restorative”

  1. embodhiment Says:

    agh. i forgot to mention – alas, i try to be meticulous about typing accented letters whenever i can. i could not figure how to do such here in WordPress. i tried. GalAs, BjOrk, NdegEocello… ack.

  2. Jessica Rubio Says:


  3. melanie Says:

    gorgeous. thank you for sharing. and it was WONDERFUL to see you yesterday, even if briefly! xoxo.

  4. robert turnbull Says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I was just studying the portrait of Belvin in my room this morning – what a talent and gift at about 15 years – now to be 40 and still growing — We LOVE YOU!!! Muchly – Dad & Susan

  5. improv strings prove unstrung | embodhiment Says:

    […] more precise mathematics in sewing much later – with a pure experiment to see if i could align triangle points on seams and make clothing (that doesn’t have to technically fit – haha) … following […]

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