a 1st whirrld litany

–some words, exchanged betwixt 5 & 6-year-old buddies, uplift this weary sideline observing teacher:

the older boy approaches, “I’m gonna ask you something your not gonna like… … …Do you wanna play My Little Pony… Chase?” The confident steady younger dude answers, “Yeah. I wanna play ponies! What are the rules?” So solid and humble and open on both fronts. There’s so much behind these personalities and expressions… too much to type here. an awesome moment in the schoolyard nonetheless.

–how one sliver of a news report slays:

an 11 & 10-year-old sleep alone at home these nights in Liberia, having lost grandma to Ebola. weeding through this report, that one awareness literally pulls me lower into gravity… slumped closer down to the ground/earth/heavy/wonderful/awful/permanent sleep…

–i finished Monica Byrne’s The Girl In The Road last night and it is stunning.

–it’s a “racket” :

word used by a friend regarding healthcare. and I think maybe the twisted dance of in and out of network, and/or precisely which procedures by a given provider are or are not “covered” mirrors some dance betwixt our old ways of bargaining with the local healer we entrusted our selves and kin with time immemorial… bargaining with belief, faith, food, possessions, sanity, safety… it’s quite the same and not quite…?




One Response to “a 1st whirrld litany”

  1. robert turnbull Says:

    Love YOU!!!

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