the words… a moment

that moment of being so devastated, disheartened, heartbroken, vulnerable, scared…

and a person one is seeing of the healing/medicine profession says something to the effect of…

this is an opportunity to re-pattern. re-engage. re-build. re-imagine. re-do.

at a precise moment.

and it just lands. pierces. prods. pokes. skewers. threads. weaves. seeps. seems. settles.

there was a broken open space-place of receptivity for that HUGE message to land, nest, nestle in, embody, breathe realness way deep in…

thank you dear doc who might have (likely has) no idea of the potency of one’s words…

this devastating heartbreaking reality I am trying to live

is an opportunity.002


putting the “problems” on the “path.”

on the cushion. on the mat. in the breath-heart-minded-moment-bodied-ego-brain-mechanism.



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