improving improv


i’ve figured out/remembered some things from that bone marrow kinda breath place… it is, paradoxically, setting limits that allows for experience of freedom. Sherri Lynn Wood‘s way of articulating in her book is medicine. i can feel/smell/taste/remember oddly, now, that indeed i was improv-ing during my failed strings attempt. i had the experiential down. i was just missing awareness of what my limits/parameters were, to tolerate the freedom.

such origin or rootedness or dependence on limits/ground/suchness/place-before-space is not actual in interdependent contingent reality! such limits are simply the temporary assumptions, the useful agreements and/or habits, that have an expiring life-span/thought-cycle… to be put down asap. there is no ground or idealist monism worth our time …in the end, baddum tshhh.


but/and/ahem/alas/alack improv quilting practice is every bit as awakening, for me, as brushstroke or miksang or the particular preliminary ngondro i’ve dared to practice (versus simply truly live into). oh, f@#&! accumulation of merit or any spiritual materialism. when ground dissolves and you find yourself still breathing, it is a thing – it’s happening – worth noting for a sec and then you, please, continue diving above air and surfacing under water. it’s an awesome non thing to allow and get out of the way of…

DSCN4146this quilt is of the floating squares score in the book linked above. starting with large scale squares kept the process simple and moving along… limiting the fabrics could have helped quiet this one down. when it came time to quilt, scalloped lines seemed an obvious balance to all the corners. this one’s an example where the strong contrasting piece binding holds this floating design together (versus the spacious fold over binding used in #2 here).



3 Responses to “improving improv”

  1. Neally Says:

    I am honored that you spent so much time and thought on a gift for me. I will treasure it, as I treasure you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    Oh – and thanks for the cake! Hope there’s a blog post about it?!?!?!

  2. Daintytime Says:

    It’s so beautiful. Looks like you were right there the whole time. I love the triangles along the edge. So good to find people who understand and explore the humbling practice of improv… patchwork.

    • embodhiment Says:

      yah. on the “practice of improv… patchwork.”
      … i saw and absorbed a lot about improv QUILTING in Gee’s Bend yesterday! that post is coming soon. Oh, -Daintytime- Sherri Lynn Wood, i am ever so grateful to and for you and your ways and days! [i edited out, but posts ago i had blogged a note too about how fun your name is to journal/write/type with your wonderful double letters in each name. that’s something i’ve loved since grade school with my u’s and l’s and t’s. Happy Holiday to you and yours.]

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