surrounding death

love and life




birth and death



6 Responses to “surrounding death”

  1. Jay Says:


  2. robert turnbull Says:

    I would say it a little different — “Love and life – include – Birth and death” Love life and all its inclusions!! Like you and I love YOU!!

    • embodhiment Says:

      Ah yes, thanks for joining to play with English language poetics. i can also see the words in the post as simply untrue. …not always are birth and death included in or swimming surrounded by love and life. sometimes it’s otherwise – pain, hate, confusion… obscuration. all the things. such is the limit of written/spoken verbiage, which conjures mirrored contrasts in my mind. i play and practice…

  3. robert turnbull Says:

    The works are simply not always and in all ways true- birth is sometimes decieved and death is welcome and celebrated – Live life -we have to and simple find the joy it’s always there but not in all ways! But in all ways I Love You

  4. robert turnbull Says:

    I meant the words….

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