stitching brushstrokes


first attempt at free-motion machine quilting with no foot at all around the needle:

bottom thread tension is too tight, and

the movement in egomindbodyenergy is wholing and wonderful

DSCN4610DSCN4594i made a layered blanket for a brand new human’s tummy time and lolling outdoor spring time. simply two pieces of cloth stitched together. the inner practice was akin to brushstroke, which is one of the most profound, spontaneous, simple forms of contemplative practice that aligns me in ease between sky and earth…

DSCN4593surprises/discoveries? i didn’t expect my rattly machine to abet quilting this way nor for this project to aid in my continuing healing wholing life-living processes

satisfactions? contrasting textures feel delicious and will help innervate the babe’s sense-gate of touch,

and i love the squiggly line forms

DSCN4597dissatisfactions? i have tried and cannot get the bottom thread tension to coordinate with the top thread in this machine

what’s next? more quirky combining of fabric textures and more footless free-motion quilting attempts…

.   .   .  .            .             .              .               .                    .                         .                    .


here’s a quilt for a soon-to-emerge human

floating squares score otra vez, with ever deepening improv experiences

external reasons this quilt is of the most improv yet for me: DSCN4545

i’m not all settled/unpacked in this new dwelling, so no iron thus no ironing whatsoever, no cutting board thus no rotary cutting whatsoever – scissors only. i also never measured a thing, not against another cut edge and certainly not with any (packed away) rulers… nowhere in sight…

internal reasons this quilt is the most improv for me so far: 

i snipped squares and pieced patches randomly and stacked ’em up. (before, i tended to build the top right along as i amade the patches…) i enjoyed a whole other time/session to layout the patches numerous ways without any intention of settling on a final version to go forward with. then, i returned another time/session to sew the patches into a quilt top. beven then, i tried a few new layouts before sewing the top. next thing, i was moving to gather the batting and backing and pins… and spontaneously i saw some more pieces that wanted to be included. i added them in. i’ve never had such happen after i completed a top. the footless free-motion machine quilting was nearly one long-lasting brushstroke! i think there are actually only three separate brushstrokes. i just floated and flowed and pulled and pushed and reached and breathed this ways and thats. it was a blast – free-motion indeed.
gsurprises/discoveries? even with mixed fibers and textures, with no iron, there was not uncanny buckling or bubbling or bunching of seams and such. it can be done – a quilt can be made decently with minimal simple tools, yah.

satisfactions? again, the thorough-going joy at contemplative/improv creative practice. the process experience was rich and open in space-time.

dissatisfactions? my aesthetic results are still wanting. i don’t have any magic touch, noh, for satiating design appearances. i wonder about some brilliant combos of improv and traditional patchwork patterns i’ve seen in the fb page for “The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters”

what’s next? i wanna learn more about and try various needle sizes and thread weights…


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