scissors without rulers

1st commissioned baby quiltDSCN4682

  • surprises, discoveries

a nine patch can be mussed with, and is not necessarily the weakest launch point for a design. however, i wanna push that building block beginning further off the map.


  • satisfactions

scissor cutting with no mat underneath is risky but feels more embodied.

i like the backside more than the top; this is a tendency of mine.


  • dissatisfactions

i had 2 fabric bleeds happen for the first time significantly. i love the possibility and examples i’ve seen of fabric bleeds. alas, mine are not attractive (satisfying) herein.

DSCN4667i went for the black patterned fabric to add that contrast new babe’s eyes can enjoy and benefit from. the fabric range looks better folded up and fresh, not so great once in the quilt itself. drat.

when buying fabrics from discount and scrap bins, it can suck to later need more of one or two that are unobtainable…

  • what’s next

playing rather more intentionally with accidental fabric bleeds! ha. intentional playing for more accidents… hmmm

noting, admitting, exploring the factual territory that manifesting a quilt for commission/income is a different beast – it feels different in my calendar, in my bones and breaths, in the process. it is in turns subtle and loud – this difference. i’ve another quilt due in the early fall. i’m curious to witness the process again, seeding in and sustaining the creative opportunity and constraints.


gratitude quilt for loving lifesaving friend


quilt top, center detail (i could only hang this sideways… the puckering is not actually that bad when flat…)

  • surprises, discoveriesDSCN4743

older bits and pieces came together with new patches attractively, at least for my eyes.

  • satisfactions

this was another supreme experience of improv for me. i built this from the center out, quite surprised with what i was finding myself choosing to put in where and when. that kind of creative happening is simply deeply satisfying.

  • dissatisfactions


i fell again for the “comforter” technique of tying versus stitched “quilting.” and again, the idea seems simple and lovely, and then shreds my fingers and takes so long. oh, modernity… and practicing patience.


  • what’s next

…approaching a quilt top as if it were a quilt back! i’ll see if that shakes something loose in my mind space whilst breathing and creating…


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