20 Questions for Memorial Day

  • How can you have your ideology and I have mine, and we freely enjoy common sources for food and oxygen and art and education?
  • How does our identity grow compassion? How does it grow conflict and war?
  • How can we allow creative co-existence for all physical and mental expressions/abilities, all genders, for all races, all religions and atheisms, all cultures, and for all organizing structures?12552820_1133990649959493_1479680752676447220_n
  • How do humans manifest religions and then ever become convinced that there is some ultimate source for beliefs?
  • What can be undone?
  • What can be done?
  • Why are folks not jealous when another is in trouble, in need, suffering, but jealous of another who is happy, healthy, enough?
  • How can my suffering be a remedy for all suffering?
  • How can precariat creative class organizers, in an effort to slow down gentrification, act with knowledge and respect that this struggle comes after communities of people of color have already been displaced?
  • How can a focus on my relative imperfections enlighten your ultimate perfect-ness?
  • How will our struggles over access to oil and water ever stir into enough?
  • Why does that uniformed human invoke a sense of relief or unease? Is it the cloth? The person inside the cloth?
  • Why is it predicted that soon we will see the right wing populist movement manifesting more government welfare programs?
  • How is not-enough-ing distinct from never-enough-ing?
  • How can we heal from scarcity driven capitalism?
  • How is this time of haves versus have-nots different from any other?
  • Why does perceived space seem to stretch time?
  • How does obscuration of our interdependence continue to be possible, even as the evidence of it gets clearer and clearer?
  • How are we convinced that consuming culture, romance, vacuums, and new shoes will save us?
  • How are these questions dependent on my privilege? My lack of agency?

    Anatomy of War Smith & Wesson by Noah Scalin

    Anatomy of War: Smith & Wesson           by Noah Scalin

  • How is another deployment or bomb going to teach children that we have learned from our history?
  • How much do health and happiness cost?
  • How can we honor the lost, the dead?
  • How is it useful to have an inhale and an exhale?

It is uncanny how these 3 different sources overlap in their clear awareness of what our challenges are and their ideas for what-to-do:

  1. incredible history lessons here (worth e.v.e.r.y minute 1:48:30), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO2kXaVd5gc
  2. a lovely lengthy writing on queerness and polyamory, http://www.makezine.enoughenough.org/newpoly2.html
  3. a confounding and humorous display of understanding and compassion (57:47), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAvM3GTXRtc&app=desktop



One Response to “20 Questions for Memorial Day”

  1. embodhiment Says:

    Could the salty ness of my tongue please be enough to, satiate, to warrant a clean identity, to undo any need to sanitarily clean this spork.

    I’m too tired to walk to the sink and wash dishes.

    Could the howling silent wind of my painin’ breath please still or quiet enough to warrant another f_ing annihilating masochistically sadistic inhale exhale cycle to complete… one more?

    …I might get sick

    Could the brilliant unceasing beauty of the chem trails stop dancing and entertaining with their devilish beauty…

    Could that veteran that I love please please stop confusing Bernie with communism and please please stop confusing any US political stance as democratic – we live in a capitalist nightmare. No need to confuse our love for our children as any altruistic justification for our stance. None of us – we don’t stand a chance… this is not a democracy, nor is it threatened to become anything nearing communism.

    We can sing and dance for our beliefs… they will ever meekly remain biblically(haha) beautifully temporarily agreed upon perceptions for some usefulness soon to expire. What a model, that our physical body of diverse systems coordinates and colludes to keep us breathing, walking, talking – if we are so lucky. Mightn’t our communities, cultures, external seeming identities follow suit – haha, body as the space suit that it is – and perform the coherence and synchrony that disparate lymph and cerebral spinal fluid do?!?!?!?

    …I might be sick

    Perusing a news feed and these 2 bits followed one another precisely: a call for financial support for new communion bench cushions and a call for numeral/petitionary support for putting to bed an anti-trans health bill. Hey, SC political milieu and St. John’s Episcopal of Columbia in particular, I’m one of your children, one of your genderqueer atheist children. I wanna support the amazing artist dyeing and needle-pointing the new cushions, as the fiber artist/weaver/quilter that I am. And I want you all to squash the anti-trans legislation on the table!

    Reconcile. F-ing reconciling diverse aspects of our own inner intrapersonal deep inner spaces is hard and yet happens every breath. Can we transfer this everyday embodied wisdom to the range/repertoire of human diversity coordinating existence on this planet please!?!?!?

    Uhhhghh. i. am. sick…

    Ahhh, i. was. sick.

    Thanks. you didn’t ask or ask for that.
    Healing happens.

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